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Stacker Bin Box - Brown

480 x 230 x 220/70 (500 x 265 x 225/75)


Qty Inc. GST Ex. GST
10 - 40 $6.05 ea $5.50 ea
50+ $5.49 ea $4.99 ea

Product Code: K1000-7500
Internal Size (mm): 480 x 230 x 220/70 (500 x 265 x 225/75)



T-Shirt Stacker Bin Box

400 x 370 x 235/75 (430 x 390 x 240/80)



Qty Inc. GST Ex. GST
10+ $5.49 ea $4.99 ea

Product Code: K1000-7700
Internal Size (mm): 400 x 370 x 235/75 (430 x 390 x 240/80)



Bulk 12" LP Mailer (up to 5)

328 x 328 x 16


Qty Inc. GST Ex. GST
50 $3.29 ea $2.99 ea
100 - 150 $2.19 ea $1.99 ea
200 - 450 $1.93 ea $1.75 ea
500+ $1.09 ea $0.99 ea

Product Code: K1000-1002
Internal Size (mm): 328 x 328 x 16



Standard Archive Boxes

405 x 360 x 270



Qty Inc. GST Ex. GST
10+ $4.07 ea $3.70 ea

Product Code: K1000-2011
Internal Size (mm): 405 x 360 x 270



Document Boxes - Flat White

360 x 255 x 80



Qty Inc. GST Ex. GST
10+ $1.99 ea $1.81 ea

Product Code: CB1-03
Internal Size (mm): 360 x 255 x 80




310 x 220 x 40


Qty Inc. GST Ex. GST
50 - 150 $2.75 ea $2.50 ea
200+ $1.65 ea $1.50 ea

Product Code: K1000-1584
Internal Size (mm): 310 x 220 x 40







Qty Inc. GST Ex. GST
10+ $1.93 ea $1.75 ea

Product Code: K1000-1
Internal Size (mm): ??



Wedding Dress Box

650 x 450 x 170



Wedding Dress Box Price

Product Code: K1000-8800
Internal Size (mm): 650 x 450 x 170



Packaging Cardboard Boxes Melbourne

Kebet is one of the leading producers of corrugated cardboard boxes and other cardboard products in Australia. Since the formation of our company in 1971, we have provided small and large businesses with cardboard products of the highest quality.…Readmore

Being 100% Australian run and owned enables us to understand the market and needs of our clients better than anyone else.

Cartons, Boxes & Packaging Solutions from an Australian Manufacturer

Our state of the art production premises are located in the West Heidelberg area of Melbourne, Victoria. We have many longstanding relationships with companies and individuals in the area and pride ourselves in producing cardboard boxes Melbourne businesses and homeowners can really rely on.

Over the years, we have developed high-end production processes and production lines that are able to produce a large variety of cardboard boxes right here in Melbourne. By controlling every step along the process, we can control the quality of our products and can guarantee a quick delivery of packaging boxes in Melbourne and all over Australia.

We have recently opened a brand new showroom that’s located right on our production premises. Now clients and prospective clients are invited to visit us to view our production first hand, to have a look at our products and comfortably buy. Cardboard box suppliers in Melbourne and beyond look at our modern and efficient manufacturing line with envy.

Australian Carton Box Manufacturer

We hold a large stock of standard boxes in the most popular sizes and also offer the option of producing custom cardboard boxes. We understand that every client and every business is different and, therefore, standard sized products don’t always offer the right solution. Our modern production techniques allow us to produce fully customisable products as we have full control over the shape, size, strength, colour and print of each box.

Our customer satisfaction rate is outstanding because of our flexibility and our speedy delivery of custom boxes. We also offer free metro Melbourne delivery for large orders made online. We have been in the business long enough to understand how stressful moving is and are happy that our products can take a little bit of strain off the moving process.

We are willing to discuss your exact requirements and we offer a completely free and no strings attached custom quote for all our customers. If you are still not 100% convinced, you are welcome to pick up your free sample box directly from our showroom, otherwise, we are happy to send it to you for a small cost for postage and handling that is refundable against future orders.

If you are looking to buy cardboard boxes in Melbourne or anywhere else in Australia, please browse our brand new website, which we just launched earlier this year. You can view all of our products on here, request a custom cardboard box quote or contact us via our contact form.

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